“Bella helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to walk confidently and positively towards it. Bella, set tasks between sessions and these really helped me to focus on my journey and enabled me to get to know myself in a much deeper and compassionate way. I would highly recommend Bella, I felt I could say anything and it be heard and accepted unconditionally.”   Jessy

“I've been working with Bella for quite some time now and have found her help and support beyond compare. She has helped me to come to terms with some difficult stuff and has taken the time to walk alongside me and support me. She is a great counsellor very compassionate and has taught me to be more compassionate about myself. The work we do has enabled me to live my life in a more stable fashion. She's helped me pick up the pieces of my life and run with them.” Sam 

"We came to see Bella last Autumn, because it felt as if we didn’t have a marriage anymore. We were together only because of our children and through habit. We were living separate lives in the same house, pretending all was well, becoming increasingly  annoyed and angry with each other. This is after we had been together for more than thirty years.Bella helped us enormously. She helped us to see that if we loved each other and wanted to stay together we needed to be able to communicate properly again. She gave us a lot to think about and work on and helped us to see that we need not be afraid of conflict if it opened up channels of honest communication.Now both of us are able to talk about our feelings more openly and our relationship has improved so much as a result.Thank you Bella."   J & J, Salisbury

“I came to Bella quite literally broken, physically and emotionally. I had explored cognitive behavioral therapy but it was not what I needed. I needed someone with patience, empathy and understanding to sit with me, to listen to a story I had not shared with anyone and allow me to feel safe. Bella was all of this things and more, she offered hope when I could not see a future and she offered time and patience for me to start to build a new life one small step at a time. I have gone from feeling there was nothing that could change to having changed nearly all aspects of my life. I am now starting a new career and feeling positive about my future but importantly taking one day at a time. Bella was there, and still is there if needed, every step of the way she literally helped me changed my life around.”  KLF

“There came a time in my life when I realised that I needed help from someone outside my family and friendship groups. I saw Bella’s services advertised in Neale Yard’s shop and decided to contact her. From the first time I met her I knew that this was someone who could help me as she was not fazed by my professional background nor my inarticulate manner of trying to explain what I saw as the issues I wanted to address. Throughout the counselling sessions Bella gave me confidence to be me, to look at other issues which arose and to find ways to live my life managing them. There were tears and laughter as well as ‘lightbulb’ moments as I gained more knowledge about, and strength, in me.  My time spent in counselling has helped me to like me and be the person I want to be, because of this I have become more accepting not only of myself but of others, which in turn has led to a more fulfilling life. I would certainly recommend Bella to anyone wanting to work through any issues in their life.”  Rachel

“I had a few sessions with Bella a while ago and I found her to be very caring and helpful. I felt very comfortable speaking to her about my concerns and felt that I could tell her things that I hadn't been able to tell previous counsellors. The way Bella asked questions I found very helpful because previous counsellors didn't interact with me as much as I would've liked them to. The way Bella always asked me questions about what was happening was helpful for me to consider why I was feeling a certain way. The reason I stopped sessions with Bella was because I was starting a new job in another city, but I would definitely recommend Bella to anyone seeking help, I have had lots of sessions with different people over the course of 2 years and Bella has been the only one that I found helpful!” Cecily

“I have suffered with depression on and off throughout my life and I had post-natal depression with both my children. I decided to have some CBT sessions to help me overcome these feelings and become the parent, wife and person I wanted to be. I have always found Bella to be very understanding and a good listener who is compassionate, respectful and very easy to talk to. The sessions were difficult at times and gave me a lot to think about for a few days afterwards, but I noticed over the course of the sessions with Bella that my thinking patterns and the way in which I reacted to certain situations began to change. I also became more aware of negative patterns in my thinking and gradually managed to stop them before they got out of control. I have not had any sessions with Bella for a while now, but I know that I can go back to her for a top up session whenever I feel that I need extra support.” Anna

"I found Bella’s counselling offered just the right balance of empathy and practicality. Having had sessions with her both for some general “life maintenance” and then later for more serious depression-related issues, my expectations of successful therapy were met in both cases. I appreciated her listening skills, kindness, understanding, and common-sense approach".  Jane - Salisbury