The basis of my counselling and supervision work is from an integrative relational stance and I work within a psychodynamic and systemic framework. I offer an enquiring, welcoming, reflective, supportive and compassionate environment within which you can explore, develop and grow.  I see supervision as a joint practice being a collaborative and creative process.

Offering this reflective space encourages autonomy, responsibility and creativity in your client work. Together we will work in a way that encourages you to develop your strengths and discover your unique personal style as we are all as unique as our clients.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Counselling Supervision from KRCS, NCS Accredited. My supervision work is informed by the work and theoretical model of Page & Wosket's Cyclical Model.

Page & Wosket see supervision as an ongoing, negotiated and dynamic process which involves:

'a two-way flow in which both the supervisor and supervisee are responsive to each other's input... [and as] a dynamic learning and development process in which both parties learn and develop together.' (2001)

I offer supervision to qualified counsellors, counselling students, and to practitioners from other professional backgrounds. I aim to provide my supervisee's with a reflective, supportive and ethically mindful space.  I place an emphasis on the importance of realness and compassion in my work, promoting a human approach with strong professional boundaries.

I offer 90 minute sessions at a cost of £90 per session (although length and timings is negotiable depending on need). I also have some sessions available at a reduced rate for students.